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You are now getting married, today is the day. From my experience, if these steps are followed everthing will go with ease.  Keep in mind, these are only suggestions. 

Start your day early.  Leave plenty of time to get ready.  Give time for the unexpected.  It kills me to say it, but some members of the bridal party tend to turn up late.  I have found that many groom and groomsmen are pretty chill and considering they don’t have a big dress to put on our hair that needs curling 15mins is enough time before the ceremony. But,  I find that chilling out takes longer than expected. 

Time goes quickly so tell them ahead of time your schedule for the day.  Tell your groomsmen to arrive early for photographs. ( i.e. 15 to 30 min is normally enough).  Once everyone has arrived, its pants (trousers) and shirt on, thats it.  The shirt can be partially done up. Other items such as cuff links and shoes can be around and handy.  This is the makings of fantastic male bonding for your photographer.  I am creative wedding photographer.  I love to get in there and aim to capture all the moments of your day so if it means capturing the groom in the midst of shaving with some creative coloured lights, no problem, lets do this.  No boundaries for me, I’m a 100% creative wedding photographer. 

One last parting thought here. Have guys you love. I mean the guys you know deep in your heart who will be around for you when life gets hard. Believe me, things happen in your life and those who you thought who would be closest to you might not be. Life’s a wonderful journey but it’s not always full of champagne. Share your day with the people that mean the most to you.  Your wedding day is a time you will never forget.

Tux or a suit, make sure it fits well. Photographing a groom with a suit this isn’t fitted properly is hard to photograph. Please make any adjustmends needed. I do get asked about a jet black suit and is it okay to wear for photos. For sure it is, I have no problems at all with it however it’s hot day your body might love you more for not going jet black. Off black or very dark gray in colour I’ve found men to be happier with. Remember this, have a colour suit that is stylish and you love. 

Oh, before I forget, do you know how many men don’t know how to correctly do up a tie?  A lot!!  Make sure you know how to do up your tie, bow tie or if it’s a Scottish item know how everything is done up. I see it time and time again when grooms and the groomesmen wait for the wedding day to work things out. It might seem fun to leave it to the last minute but believe me, work it out ahead of time. 

I often get asked, “What gift could I buy my groomsmen for standing up with me? Tricky one for most as many leave it to the last minute. Put time into speaking with them way ahead of time and discovering what they like. For instance you might personalize something for each of them or get something the same for all. Whatever it is, keep away from the same same, put some thought into it. 

Grooms, consider writing a letter or a note. Or write something heart felt on the bottom of her shoes for your bride to read on the morning of her wedding is a huge YES. Let me ask you, would you like a note? Would you like to be told how much you’re loved by someone? I think you would. Best part here is do not expect anything in return. Write from your heart and the love will return to you in copious amounts. I am a believer in giving and expect nothing in return. When you tell your bride how much she means to you and you love her how can this not come back to you in love. In turn this leads to buying your bride a wedding day gift. Why would you not! Hello… Speak with the maid of honour to find out what she would like. You might be thinking a Gucci Bag will rock but your bride might really want something else. 

Grooms - Embrace the help

Family!!  Your family are so excited for you.  Most of them want to help too.  Many are just as invested as you in the making of the most spectacular day ever.  And with this can come tension.  You may feel like some of your family is interfering. I suggest trying to get past this.  Embrace the help.  If you need a bit of space,  give them a task.  Keep them busy.  Usually thats all they want - to help out.  As a parent to two amazing boys, I can only imagine how excited I will be on their wedding day.  All that I have done is love them from birth and now I will watch them make a huge milestone in life.  I will want to be a part of it.  I hope they will let me.

If you have any questions at all for me, please contact me, my doors are open to communication .

Have a question? Great, please contact me.

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