Banff Wedding Photographers Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Banff Wedding Photographers Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Calgary wedding photographers

Calgary wedding photographers, wow, there's a ton of them. Seriously how do you start selecting your Calgary wedding photographer from the hundreds of them. I know exactly what you should do but I'm not sure if my input will be taken seriously. 

The most common thing that you and many people will do is create an excel spread sheet and compare what's included. Will you look at the art work and say okay this person is really incredible and I value sensational photography coverage for my wedding day here in Calgary or in Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise or anywhere come to think about it. 

Are you comparing prices

My suggestion is to stop comparing prices. Look at the actual work of the photographer and see what that photographer is about. Look at real weddings, lots of weddings. You'll find that photographers will typically only show a few images from each wedding and not complete albums. Look deep into your photographers history and I can pretty much guarantee that most photographers here in Calgary or Canmore or Banff are crap. Sorry to say it so bluntly but 99% of them are terrible and I wouldn't pay a dime for them. 

So, how can you feel rest assured that when you hire me to photograph your wedding day that I will do a stella job. Check out my albums on my website, my reviews on google, my hundreds of images that I have on my gallery, my blog, meet me in person to see my art workmy albums and so much more. 

This photograph for instance that I took in Calgary close to Fish Creek with all natural available light. This means I didn't do any composite, no photoshop, nothing. It is exactly this in camera. How can I achieve this mastery of photography when I'm a Calgary wedding photographer you might ask. Well, I know my trade. I know light but the trick is not in photography but in the connection I have with my clients. We have a tremendous bond. I love my clients, they mean everything to me. I work non-stop all day for them in creating art work that they'll love for not just a few days but forever. 

As a Calgary wedding Photographer I am constantly on the hunt for different photos. I wish not to get board so during every wedding I aim to raise the wedding photography bar. 

During this wedding day we were in a field when this moment materialized. 

The stormy clouds, gorgeous light, fabulous bride and groom, can this moment in time be any better. 

As the rain loomed in the sky, we headed higher to find more dramatic shots. We arrived at the top to find the most peaceful moments with no wind, but heavy clouds surrounding us.  It brought many fantastic photos for Courtney and Steven.  You don’t always get the opportunity to get shots like this on your wedding day so to have clients like Steven and Courtney who are willing to push the boundaries and go go go couldn’t make me happier.

To many bride and groom in Calgary when looking for a Calgary wedding photographers just look a the price. Pictures will stay with you forever, the cake can sometimes cost more than photography, the flowers, the decor, dresses etc. Think big picture. When you want your day covered and remembered properly then invest into a fabulous photographer. See the end results for instance look at a complete weddings. 

There is no such thing as Cheap Wedding Photographer. You might think it's cheap but the quality will be low and your day won't be remembered the way you wanted to be. 

Pushing the limits

Pushing the limits, getting them to put on runners to go across ground faster to cover more territory, or climb little hills safely. Going full out for people is essential. A wedding day is more than an income its about creating and covering a day that will last forever. 

Don't setting for cheap wedding photography. I know I'm worth every penny that people invest into me and I certainly know I'm very inexpensive for what you will receive. You just don't know it right now. 

I am very lucky. As a professional Calgary wedding photographer I get to photograph not just in Calgary but also in Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, Kananaskis Country, Kicking Horse Mountain in Beautiful Columbia and many more gorgeous locations. 

I often get the question, will I photograph or provide normal shots on bride and grooms wedding days. Absolutely I do. I always provide normal shots but I love creative photography. Quite often it's because of my creative photographs is why bride and grooms hire me. Not everyone can photograph these kind of photos even though many bride and groom hire normal or cheap wedding photographer and expect them to create these kind of shots. Pinterest is a typical use of supplying images to photographers. I say, hire that person who shot that photos than expect a normal wedding photographer to product that photo. They won't be able to. 

This is art, it's truly had for people to understand when they're looking for a photographer. I know I look through the viewfinder to world that is mine, no one else can see the world like I do. 

There are a ton of Calgary wedding photographers and I strongly suggest that the newly engaged couple hunt for that perfect photographer. Forget the price for now, just go and enjoy seeing gorgeous work and experience what photography is about. 

I would sincerely love to hear from you to chat about your exciting wedding day plans. 

Let chat, contact me today at: or phone me at 403 826 9927 Canada

I'm so happy that we'll be chatting soon


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