Calgary Wedding Photographer destination photographer

Calgary Wedding Photographer destination photographer

 Calgary wedding photographer

Located in Calgary I am proud to be a Calgary wedding photographer. I often travel to the Canadian Rockies specifically Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise to photograph weddings.

With 12 years of photographing weddings I am proud to offer security to my clients peace of mine knowing I am a fully accredited photographer. What does this mean to you.

World Elite Photographers

Well to be part of WEP or The World Elite Photographers you have to reach a certain standard before they will even begin to look at you. Once you reach a certain level then they will judge and only by invite will a photographer be accepted into the membership. This is huge really huge.

International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers

The same goes with ISPWP or the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers. The base number of weddings before they look at you is 50 weddings. That is correct, as a photographer you need to have photographed the minimum of 50 weddings before they look at you. By the way and just out of interest to this date of writing I have photographed hundreds and hundreds of weddings. Furthermore, for the ISPWP application you need to know someone for a voice of confidence for them plus they will look deep into you making sure your work reached a professional wedding photography standard.  

Fearless Photographers Memberships

The Fearlessphotographers Memberships or Fearless Photographers Memberships is slightly different. Anyone can join but to win your images have to be not just amazing but very different. I have seen the bride enter the restroom with the groom holding up her dress win a competition. In my eyes this wouldn’t win anything, in fact I would have deleted the photograph but this isn’t what fearless is about. Yes, the image has be correctly exposed etc but it’s about being FEARLESS and taking risks.  

The Calgary Bridal Affiliation

The Calgary Bridal Affiliation that was called Calgary Bridal Association is a local membership setup by the Bridal Expo here in Calgary. They aim to create stability in the market place for bride and groom knowing that members part of it are real wedding industry companies and not fly by night companies. I was actually one of the first few members to join and almost start which I am proud of. 


The PWPC awards or membership is a Canadian competition or membership specifically for Canadians. I thoroughly enjoy supporting our local community of photographers with this membership.

Weddings & Portrait Photographers International

The grand daddy of all competitions is the WPPI being Weddings & Portrait Photographers International. This is huge. I’ve yet to submit into this program it’s very expensive. My aim is for 2018 to submit around 10 images and visit Las Vegas for the judging that takes place in a room. These judges base not just on imagery but printing skills, talent, composition, lighting, emotion and much more. I am very excited that I will be entering this WPPI program soon.

Don’t settle for just any photography. Go for what you want. Imagery is very important and settle for just okay photos. You really want rock start gorgeous photos. 

I can not wait to hear from you. Please contact me to chat about your exciting wedding day plans. 

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