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Congratulations, the decision is made and you are off to the sun for your wedding ceremony. about photography... 

Yikes, not to worry the resort has a FREE professional included within the wedding photography package… Really, is it really free and wow they're professional and again part of the package. Fantastic, right... So very wrong. In fact I have witnessed quite a few in action. Apart from the low standard of craftsmanship keep in mind as there is a reality with  destination wedding photographers often shooting with low end gear. Shoot in JPG with next to no edits, color correct, touch up the images, create a look and feel to the image, etc. They might seem cheap (or free) on the face of it, but once your wedding is photographed and your day is finished, you’ll head to the photography lab to view your pictures to find, OH NO, they’re not really good. What to do right now?  Sorry, but it’s done, your day is over. 

Believing that your wedding included photography package was a good deal, you’re now faced with crappy images and you’re going to have to pay a premium for your photo and they’re not even finished i.e. edited, retouched and printed on archival prints. The cost of these disastrous photos will be around $2000 US and they’re low quality. What a silly move it was to go this route. Hardly anyone is aware of such practice and I just hope you get to read this prior to your experience. If you had a good experience "YAH". I'm very happy for you. 

"don’t be annoyed with the photographer"

Back to point, don’t be annoyed with the photographer, you are likely in a developing nation or third world country? The camera quality that they’re using is pretty low tech gear compared to my high level of camera gear.

I briefly brought up about the quality of prints. You might not care and hey, that’s swell, but don’t bother complaining when within a few months the images are looking faded. Oh, I know phone up the lab, you used in Mexico, they’ll get to work right away on a reprint of your photos.  He-he.. You know I'm just pulling your leg. Your photographs are gone, so gone. Deleted. Thrown out. History! 

I know from personal experience what the reality is so bringing along a photographer can be a very smart financial investment. For a Calgary wedding photographer like myself it’s not really that big a deal, but don’t forget this isn’t my vacation. I work hard, very hard during destination weddings, so please refrain from asking me if I'll come for free!  Yep, I get asked such ridiculous things. But your on vacation too. Bring your family... Oh my word. I've heard it all. Lol. 

Destination Wedding Photographer

Mexico, Aruba, Jamaica are destination wedding locations that offer incredible photographic opportunities. The beaches are obviously super fun and we'll get some amazing photos. A little side note here: not sure if you’re aware of this or not, but the sun goes down early during off peak times of the year so allow enough time for wedding photographs.

Sunset shots are breathtaking to capture, but please make sure that your resort has a sunset view... That's right the resort might be facing away from where the sun sets... It happens… Honestly, just look at a map to visit your hotel. You’ll likely see that your hotel is facing East and not West! Just a minor point!

Wedding documents required to get married are things to think about or even a number of nights individuals have to stay before they get married. You might have to head down to your local registry office in your home land on returning home to make it valid in your country. Seriously! No joking. 

Photographers photographing weddings often coordinate their photography session with a resort wedding coordinator. Sometimes your coordinator is your actual photographer. That is correct, one person can manage everything.

"do not worry, it is all taken care of"

In countries like Jamaica, on asking the coordinator anything about wedding photography they will say do not worry, it is all taken care of... Watch out as yes it might be all taken care and completely worry free but will get that high quality creative session you were promised. 

If you are not worried about the image quality and images not being finished or retouched, but you're still prepared to pay a high premium for the photos, then do not take a Calgary photographer (like me) to your wedding day event. Just go with the flow but do not complain after.

Simply put, if you want incredible images that will be finished, retouched in high resolution, plus that creative session and a stunning story book, I suggest we meet and chat about your exciting wedding day plans.


Ok, I am from London England so I love Europe. The photography opportunities are endless. You have to ask yourself, would you like a hot wedding day venue by a beach in the South Of France or would you choose a built up European city. How about a vineyard in Tuscany with rolling hills and a warm to hot climate.

I am established in Calgary Alberta but I love Europe so it is no problem for me to travel to Europe to photograph your wedding day. Nevertheless, this is not the case for many photographers due to legal requirements. I possess a valid full British passport so I can work without any issues all over Europe. This will not be the position for most photographers located in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto or any other location in Canada.

Something that can be missed when looking at getting married in Europe are the legal requirements. You may have to spend months setting up your paperwork. For example, will your marriage certificate be valid in Canada? You might have to head to an embassy to receive your certificate translated and approved. Or you might have to submit an application to get married within your chosen country.

There are many factors when looking at getting married in Europe so do not overlook the paperwork or time required to travel, visit or work in a European country before you will be allowed to get married.

With the luxury and casual elegance, it will be a breathtaking experience to get married in in location like Paris. The City of Lights, it's art, cultural and tourist centre is amazing. Do not forget, it is a busy location so if you want the excitement of a European city to get married, fantastic. Don’t forget Spain being gorgeous and my home land London, England.

Where do we go from here?

It's simple, contact me and lets get together at my home studio and chat about your wedding day plans. 

As a fully accredited wedding photographer I know I will be able to build a successful wedding day photography shoot for your European wedding day.

I'm looking forward to speaking with you soon.


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