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Before having Charlie and Henry, my photography style was different as I understood and looked at love differently. As soon as Henry and Charlie were born I experienced as new wave of unconditional love which has been incredible. I am truly the the luckiest man alive, the love we all have for each other is breathtaking and beautiful.

"I am truly the luckiest man alive"

It's really hard to describe what happens when you have kids but it's like ones universe changes. With my new appreciation of this love I often ask my clients to allow for some extra time during getting ready for some informal family photos. Life is long but wow it's past fast. I want my clients to have gorgeous photos with those who they love.

My photography approach is about the story of your wedding photography plus creating and capturing incredible photographs for awesome couples in love. Not fixed to one location, I will travel to about anywhere in the world to cover your incredible day.

Originally I was from the fabulous city of London England, I traveled to The Canadian Rockies and fell in love with the stunning mountainous environment. Upon returning back to the UK I decided to head out into the big world for some travel time. After my 5 years of "travel time" and with my last dollars I decided to apply for my Canadian Residency and emigrate. My application was approved (YAH) and called Canmore home. After 10 years of living in Canmore I am now proud to call Calgary my home. It was here I met Tammy (now my wife) and we had two boys and named them Henry and Charlie (I know sooo British)... Lol.

I pride myself with an artistic fashion flare seeking moments where emotion, love, art and passion can be photographed. Wedding days are about capturing the organic richness of what naturally materializes between the bride and groom and their loved ones. I'm told my shots are drama, fashion and romance rolled into one. Those are the photographs I aim to take!

Yes, I have an assistant with me to help with lights and gear, however I am the photographer for your wedding day. You won't require anyone else for coverage of your day. Clients who book me want my creative eye and my unique style; the way I see life through the lens.

Professional photography coverage is more than just comparing prices. Take time to look at the final product and find out exactly what is included. I dislike hidden costs very much so there won't be any financial surprises before or after your wedding day. There are many Calgary wedding photographers to select from so please be prepared with a ton of questions when interviewing your chosen few (even for me). I love questions and I often supply more questions to my clients to think about.

By choice, I only photograph a select amount of weddings and engagements each year allowing me to give great customer service and sensational images.

There is so much to chat about for your special day, I look forward to speaking with you soon and please don't be shy, drop me a line and say hi.


These five affiliation below are HUGE in my world of photography and I am incredibly proud to be a member of them. To be a member of ISPWP is a beyond a true privilege. The ISPWP have very high standards as they want to make sure that all members are the best photographers on the planet. Wow, this is super exciting :)

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