Banff Wedding Photographers Calgary Photographers

Banff Wedding Photographers Calgary Photographers

When I saw these spiral stairs at The Fairmont Banff Springs  Hotel tears of joy and excitement emerged from my creative heart and soul.  

Creating a frame by using the land around me I was able to have my Calgary Bride and Groom hang out together and be organically in love. It's if I wasn't there and they're having  quiet moment together. 

As a Calgary Wedding Photographers I am delighted to inform my clients that travel to Banff often and know the areas very well. The Canadian Rockies was an area that I fell in love with specially Canmore which is just 22 km's away from Banff National Park.

I have stayed at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel over 100 times so I know the area and location very well. 

The Spanish Hallway. The Spiral Stairs. The Alhambra Ballroom. Mount Stephen Hall. Mount Stephen Ballroom area all areas that I know and love to photo at. 

Calgary Wedding planners often use the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel and use their creativity to bring an already gorgeous ballroom or hall to a different level of glamour for Bride and Groom, wedding party, and family members to enjoy. 

If you have plans at using the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel for your venue you won't be disappointed at all. It's truly an amazing location and I would be delighted as a Calgary wedding photograph to travel to Banff and be your Banff wedding photographer. 

Don't hesitate, get in touch with me today. I am looking forward to speaking with you soon.

Location: 405 Spray Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1J4, Canada.

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