Ranch Sunset Photography Engagement Shoot

Ranch Sunset Photography Engagement Shoot

The sun was going down fast, I jumped into Sean's truck with all my gear and we met Kenna up on the ridge. The mood in the sky wasn't that great, kinda boring to be honest however we had horses and an engaged couple who were truly incredible. I knew I had to make something special of this moment.

What could I do to jazz up things. Well, I made some camera adjustment, tossed on my favourite lens, found new vantage point to photograph, added some filters and just like magic everything came together.

The colours simply popped out at me throughout this shoot. I was in heaven. I'm not a big post processor as I prefer to capture images right out of the camera. I've nothing against spending days and days in photoshop but why should I when I can apply my professional knowledge and capture a great photograph right away.

This was very special engagement photography shoot for me. I sincerely love life and getting to photograph two totally awesome people in love, well lets just say WOW...

Filename: Calgary engagement photographers Horses_098.jpg.