Calgary Ranch Sunset Photographs with Horses

Calgary Ranch Sunset Photographs with Horses

Creating real moments is key to a successful photograph. How to achieve this though can be hard when a couple suddenly have a camera stuck in front them.

Starting this engagement photography shoot was super relaxed and fun (like all of my shoots) and around one third into the shoot things start to happen. Like this shot for instance, it just didn't happen. I created the mood, the moment but my clients finished it off with their own characters. They had love, they were soft, they love each other. The horses we positioned by them and I dug around the environment to obtain that WOW photo.

Selecting the right lens for these moments is crucial. I love my prime lenses as the quality and sharpness is truly outstanding. I love the way the lens flare takes shape and life happens. Creating these photos is art combined with a ton of experience.

When hired to take photos my clients want an end product that is fabulous, not someone who is still learning the basics when they just bought their camera and decide to call themselves a professional. If you want to learn more about this photo, get in touch with me.

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