Calgary Ranch Sunset Photography Engagement Session

Calgary Ranch Sunset Photography Engagement Session

Quite seriously, what a perfect moment this was. This is when taking a photo is superior to a movie. This moment will last forever as a STILL image, for instance imagine this photo on their wall as 36x24 inch framed. Two total loved birds riding their incredible horses and enjoying the moment.

As I saw this totally amazing engagement shoot taking shape I couldn't help but notice the environment we were in. The location was calm and you could hear the birds singing and flies buzzing. The river was running close by with the moment capped off with laughter from Sean and Kenna.

Call me a sucker but I'm a romantic and love is something very special. It costs nothing yet makes your partner, you and people around you extremely happy.

I could have walked away from this engagement shoot that was photographed in South Calgary at this moment in time and I would have been happy, very happy indeed.

Filename: Calgary engagement photographers Horses_100.jpg.